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Crinkly Caterpillar

Folding paper has never been such fun ...


paper vpaper foldpaper crinkle


Cut out two strips of paper 1cm wide by approx 30cm long. Place them one on top of the other, at a right angle, to form a v-shape. Then, fold each piece of paper in turn, behind the other, and repeat until you come to the end of the strip. You should now have the body of your caterpillar.


crinkly caterpillar

Draw around a small coin or bottle top and cut out a face. Then, either cut out thin strips of paper, or use pipe cleaners, to make the antennae.


Stick the face and antennae to the first paper fold.


Add googly eyes or draw a face to complete.



There are many more animals that you can make using this technique, just cut larger strips of paper, fold and add faces, paws, tails, etc