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Fathers Day Fun

Make your Fathers Day card stand out with these fun ideas!


fd shirt

Start with a piece of white paper or card. Fold the paper in half.


With the folded edge at the top, cut a slit in the paper about 2cm down, to a third of the way across. Fold the top edge at a diagonal. Repeat on the other side to create your shirt collar.


You can change the colour of the shirt by using coloured paper or create a tie, add shirt buttons or make a bow-tie ( we used bow-tie pasta ) ...


 shirt tie         shirt buttons        shirt bowtie

Posted on Friday, 14 June 2013

Recycled Robot

Collect together recyclable material such as cardboard boxes, tubes and egg boxes, Wrap each item in aluminium foil and stick them together with glue or sticky tape:

cardboard           robot foil           robbie robot

Decorate your robot with different coloured card or different textured material.

Posted on Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Garden Greetings

dad rocks  Take your art outdoors with our garden greetings.

Leave secret messages around your garden on rocks, plant pots or trees. All you need are some letter stencils, coloured paints, a paintbrush and some imagination!

Remember - if you want your message to last, you need to use waterproof paint.

Posted on Sunday, 09 June 2013

Finger Printing Fun

You can make some fantastic prints painting with your fingertips!


butter fingers

You will need a piece of white card and some paints.


First, cut out shapes from the white card, then choose which colour paints to use.


Dip your fingertips into the paint, one colour at a time, and dab onto the cardboard shape.


Repeat this with different colours until your shape is painted.

Remember to clean your fingers between each colour.


 If you are making butterflies, you will need to add the antennae either with pipe-cleaners or you could stick your butterfly onto a coloured background and draw or paint them on.

pink flutter             blue flutter


Posted on Friday, 07 June 2013

Baby Bag Dangler

This is a super simple bag dangler for tiny fingers. Start with a choice of pendants, a ribbon and some large beads that are easy for little ones to hold onto. It may be best to put them onto a plate, or similar, to stop the beads from rolling away. Find the middle of the ribbon, then thread the pendant on and slide it until it is in the centre. Fold the ribbon so that both ends are together and thread them both through each bead. Even with larger beads this can be tricky!

heart beads   threading   bag dangler

Threading is good for hand / eye co-ordination. Once you have threaded on all your beads, to the length required, simply tie the ribbon onto your bag.

WARNING: choking hazard - adult supervision is recommended when using beads with children under 3 years of age.

Posted on Tuesday, 04 June 2013

Pom-pom pictures

Brighten up your day with a picture made from colourful pom-poms:

pompom picture

Design your picture on paper first, then get a piece of felt or coloured card to use as a background. Layout your design using different sized pom-poms, then stick them into place one at a time using glue.Your pom-pom picture is complete!

For a different effect, you could use pom-poms to make a 3D card.

Posted on Sunday, 02 June 2013


A great way to keep cool this summer ...

paper fan

Get a piece of paper and fold it backwards and forwards to create the fan. Trim the paper so that it is slightly shorter than the length of a lolly stick. Decorate the paper by colouring it in, adding stickers or jewels or by cutting shapes into each fold. Using glue or sticky tape, attach each end of the paper to a lolly stick, making sure that you leave one end of the stick poking out. Then, glue the two sticks together to form a 'v' shape. This is a fun activity for a hot summer's day!

Posted on Friday, 31 May 2013

Paper Garland

Simple and effective paper garland - great for parties!

bunting basics

You will need some ribbon or cord, a pair of scissors and some sticky tape. Choose some patterned paper, colourful napkins or cut out your favourite pictures from a magazine. Cut your paper into small rectangles and shape one end, like a flag. Stick each flag onto your ribbon, evenly spaced, using your sticky tape.

paper garland Put your garland up and enjoy the party!

Posted on Wednesday, 29 May 2013