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I went to a decorative painting workshop at a friend's house recently. It was really interesting learning how to create a distressed or shabby chic look on furniture and how to use stencils on wood and fabric.

stencil lampI treated myself to a few stencils, and oil based crayons, to have a go at stencilling onto fabric.

I found an old lamp in the cupboard and took off the shade.

I lined up the stencil and taped it into place.

Then, I put some of the crayon onto a plate and using a short stiff brush went over the stencil, in circular motions.

I carefully removed the stencil and let the pattern dry.


I am so pleased with the overall effect and the ease with which I created it.

I've now agreed to host three workshops over the next month so I'm sure I'll have more to share soon.