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Princess Party

We had our first true french / english party for the twins 5th birthday. Sixteen four to six year olds for two and a half hours ... and we survived. I thought I'd share the fabulous cake that we had made for the occasion:

tiara cake

Posted on Sunday, 24 November 2013

Oh Brother

What a lot of fun I've had this week playing with a brother sewing / embroidery machine. A friend is thinking of selling it, so I thought I'd have a play.

I got excited just by the fact that it has an automatic needle threader, that you can press a button to start / stop sewing rather than use the foot pedal and it even cuts the thread for you. Those are all quite basic functions of a modern machine, but a revelation to me.


It has 67 types of utility stitches plus 31 decorative stitches and others.In addition there are 70 embroidery patterns and characters in upper and lower case so plenty of scope for putting the children's names on things. It also has a special set of Winnie the Pooh patterns.

I think I might just have to put it on my Christmas list.

Posted on Wednesday, 20 November 2013

TWIG Craft Cafe - November 2013

granny square


This month we welcomed some new members to the group and tried our hand at learning the basics of crochet.

I'm really proud of the beginnings of my first granny square.


crochet butterfly



Feeling confident at making trebles I have now started to crochet a butterfly.



Posted on Saturday, 16 November 2013

E31 Halloween

I had an interesting week planning and preparing for the English 31 Halloween Party. The children enjoyed my craft table and made lots of bat gliders and dangly spiders:

bat gliderdangly spider

It's amazing what you can create from a bit of black card, some lolly sticks, elastic bands, sticky tape and goggly eyes!

Posted on Sunday, 10 November 2013

Origami Bow

I love my new Made in Paper magazine and wanted to make an origami bow:

origami bow


Once I'd started I soon realised that I probably should have been more precise when cutting out my initial paper square.

After a few folds, snips and tucks it did begin to look like the picture in the magazine, phew!

I decided to fold the ribbon loops flat so that I could add the bow to a card and finished off the decoration with a contrasting wooden button ( free with Simply Crochet magazine, issue 9 ).

 I really like the overall effect and will definitely be making some more.

Posted on Friday, 25 October 2013

Makers Morning

I decided to extend the TWIG Craft Cafe so that every two months we have a themed craft workshop but on the month in-between we have a Makers Morning. The idea being that we come together over tea and cake and 'make' in a group. October was the first Makers Morning ... knitting, crochet, sewing, cross-stitch and card making.

bobbin ribbonxmas bobbin

I thought that I'd try out a Christmas decoration idea that I'd seen at the Toulouse Craft Fair. Basically to wrap a small piece of festive ribbon around a wooden bobbin and glue the ends to secure it. Then, thread another ribbon through the bobbin and tie off on either side. Simple ... all ready to hang on your Christmas tree!

Posted on Saturday, 19 October 2013


At this month's Craft Club, we made a fiddly FIMO blend necklace:

fimo fun


Lots of new techniques to learn ...

but I think it turned out pretty good!




Posted on Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Angel Delight

I am really pleased with my recent purchase ... an 'angel' paper punch:



I can now start working on my Christmas crafts

and some fundraising ideas for Oscar's Angels!


Posted on Monday, 14 October 2013